John Can Settle Your Case
With experience as a defense lawyer, law clerk, and plaintiffs' lawyer, John really understands both sides of any legal dispute.  John has settled dozens of cases, large and small, complex or personal.  John has settled cases where the parties cussed each other at the start of day, and hugged good-bye at the end.  Though past success is no guarantee of future results, the overwhelming majority of cases mediated by John have settled prior to trial.

What is Mediation?
As legal professionals know, Mediation is the process of trying to settle your case or dispute before you have a trial.  The Mediator is NOT a judge and can't make any decisions that bind you.  The Mediator helps you negotiate your case with the other side, and tries to get to you reach a settlement.  If both sides are a little unhappy when this is over, then you know you have a good settlement.

Truly a Neutral Party
Because of his experience working in a defense firm and in a plaintiffs' firm, John really does come to the mediation with an open mind, looking for a way to settle the case.  John understands the goal is to motivate both sides to settle, and treats both sides with the same respect.

Low Introductory Rate
For your first mediation with John, the rate for 2015 and 2016 is only $200 per hour.  John can make special arrangements to limit charges for travel time and preparation time upon request.

Educated and Experienced Mediator
John has completed both the standard, and advanced mediation training offered by the West Virginia State Bar, and has participated in Kanawha County's free mediation program called SWARM.  .

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