Things You See On TV

The ads warn you about ASBESTOS! or PELVIC MESH! or BAD DRUGS! and urge you to CALL NOW! but who are you calling?  With most any advertisement you see on TV, many or all of the cases end up in one court, with one or two big law firms handling them all.  Often, if you call the 800 number you will be dealing with a law firm far away, that has dozens or hundreds of cases like yours.

Don't Get Lost in the Shuffle
Call us and we will examine your case, find the best firm in the country to handle that case, and partner with them - all for one fee.  The large firm shares fees with us, so you get two lawyers for the price of one.  You get a national expert in your case, and a local lawyer to watch over your case and make sure you are not lost in the crowd.  In a recent medical device case, John examined a client's proposed settlement and found that the client was misclassified.  John fought for her and increased her settlement by tens of thousands of dollars.

JKB Law Can Help You With These Medical Device Cases


JKB Law Can Help You With These Drug Cases 

Accutane® Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Actos® Tylenol®
Effexor® Viagra® & Revatio®      
Januvia®, Victoza®, Janumet® & Byetta® Xarelto®
Lipitor® Xylocaine®
Mirena® IUD Zofran®
Pradaxa® Zoloft®
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Associated Drugs Zyban®
Talcum Powder  


Get Local Representation and National Expertise for One Fee
If you think you have a drug case, medical device case or auto recall case or the like - don't call the 800 number - call us today.

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