Injury or Death

This aspect of law is difficult for all involved, but if you have been injured, or have had a loved one injured or killed - like it or not you should consult a lawyer. John has represented many injured people, from car accidents, falls, work place injuries, and medical malpractice. John can help you with any kind of injury, but a few of the more common are listed below.

Please understand that JKB Law can handle a case of any size, against any defendant.  Most cases John will handle on his own, but where a case is especially complex, or expensive, or against a huge company, John has access to other, larger firms throughout the country to assist when needed.  In such cases John and the other firm split any fees, so YOUR cost is the same and you have two (or more) lawyers for the price of one. 

Car Accidents.

First - if you think you or somebody might be injured - seek immediate medical care - you can worry about the lawyer part later.  Generally speaking (and without giving you any official legal advice) you have up to two years to file a lawsuit over a car accident.  You won't be able to settle a case until you are well, but you can call us at any time to discuss your case.   Be wary of accepting money or signing documents from an insurance company before talking to a lawyer.   If the other driver has no, or too little, insurance coverage, your own insurance company might provide coverage, depending on the type of policy you have.  Call us and we can help you consider your options - and the consultation is, of course, free.

Wrongful Death
Obviously, talking to a lawyer about a wrongful death case is about the last thing anybody would want to do.  When the time is right for you, if you think a loved one's death might have been caused, or hastened, by another's action or failure to act, please call us.  Of course not every death is a malpractice or caused by another, but we can help investigate your case and give you our honest opinion about what legal options you might have.  Again, if the case seems too large or complex for our firm alone, we will associate with others as needed to fight any defendant, anywhere, for you.

Medical Malpractice
Mistakes happen, even in a hospital or doctors's office.  Not every bad result is malpractice, but malpractice does happen, and when it does, or when you think it might have happened, you should consult a lawyer.  Sometimes that malpractice might be the fault of the hospital, not your own doctor.  John successfully represented the family of a patient who died while in the hospital for a minor surgery.  Past success is no guarantee of future results, but John can help you with your medical malpractice case.

Defective Medical Devices and Bad Drugs
There are times when a medical injury is not caused by a doctor, or a hospital, but is caused by a bad device or drug.  Your own doctor might have done an excellent job, but the device he or she implanted has since been recalled, or might be defective.  Or, the drug you were prescribed was thought to be safe, but is actually dangerous.  When approached by a women who almost died from a bad medical device, John found the lead firm in the country handling the cases, and together, they recovered a large award for her.

Slip and Falls with Broken Bones or Serious Injuries
Sometimes something as simple as a fall can lead to a serious accident.  If you have fallen and broken a bone or required some type of surgery, call us and we may be able to help. John has helped slip and fall victims recover hundreds of thousands of dollars.  These cases can be more challenging than simple car accident cases, but you should still call us to see if we can help you.

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